What are the e-books? How to Choose Your own Ebook Reader?

Published: 30th March 2012
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What are the e-books?
The full name of the eBooks should be electricity paper book reader, broadly speaking, every reading ebooks handheld devices can be called electric paper books. This kind of product long ago was sold on the market, using a dot-matrix LCD screen or TFT screens. In a narrow sense, it only use electronic ink screen or similar technology paper book reader can electric called electric paper books. The paper books actually already exists, but because there is no a mature system it has not been popular. Until the Amazon developed electronic books reader which can read huge electricity paper books, it blow up the paper book market.

Electricity paper books strengths
Compared to other hand-held devices, the e-book’s advantage is particularly outstanding. First the screen has no flash; long time reading will not cause dry eyes discomfort. Second, it has super long endurance. Due to the e-ink electronic paper can save electricity, one time charge can be paging through thousands of pages books. Compared to traditional books for, the paper books will undoubtedly more province space, also easy to carry. And the paper books can also music play, such as the integration of simple function. Want to buy an ebook reader, exactly buy small size or a big size, this is a headache problem. Answering such questions first ask yourself three questions: Scanning version of the PDF read effect is hard to reflect on 6 inches screen, because paper printing resolution for the 300 DPI, six inches of print only 169 DPI resolution, 10 inch ebook reader screen resolution can be up to 1200 * 800, the scanning version of the PDF at present only through the big screen can solve very good, there are many PDF converter download sites on the nest, you can try it on the Google.

Electricity paper books shortcomings
The high price, a medium electricity price could be higher then a high-end phones or the Internet this price, ordinary working class is hard to accept. Reaction speed than other electronic products it slowly. Used to the reaction speed in milliseconds units of LCD screen, again see e-ink screen feel very slowly. In fact, the paper books to scroll speed, and people with the hand when reading a book to scroll speed almost.

For long time of Mobile Reading, Eink screen display with paper books, do not hurt the eye, light can read and standby time super and no radiation benefits, this can't match other TFT LCD screen, so when choose and buy, want to look for the Eink electronic ink, appear on the market now ebook reader some of the LiGui and confusing, the so-called 5 inch TFT screens six inches of "ebook", has the formidable entertainment function, can listen to music, watching movies on the Internet to play games, in fact the only magnified version of the MP4, rather than the real ebook reader. For the people who unknown the truth, the certain consumers ask whether formal Eink electronic ink screen.

First, what place you reading more at ordinary times, the bedroom or outdoors? TXT or PDF?
Second, usually what the ebook format you read more,
Third, usually have see the demand of PDF scanning version?

Ebook reader on market from 5 inches to 10 inches, six inches for basic configuration and portability better gold size, mostly brand products began from 6 inches, 10 inches for the professional scanning version PDF read the best size. For TXT format reading 6 inches display effect is very ideal. Editing the PDF format is more complex than TXT, and involves graphic mix row, can't adaptive screen, in that a greater than small font, therefore, in the choose and buy 6 inches ebook reader, must consider whether it has PDF rearrangement of function, PDF automatic cutting edge function and did screen switch function, the first two function can adjust font to best proportion to adapt to the screen, namely can achieve 10 inch screen switch screen visual effect, the combination of these three functions for PDF reading is very important. But most cases, we need convert PDF to ePub format to adopt the kindle fire or the iPad.

To use the same electronic ink Eink screen, the ebook, each manufacturer in software and hardware development strength to determine the gray-scale and actual display effect, at the same time in the screen white degree (Whitness) also can have differences. The so-called white degree is the impression of the screen the grade

The Author is a eBook reader fans, and he spend most of time to make a study of the ebook reader software, to read PDF on the kindle fire or iPad, we can need the PDF converter for mac software to resolve the formats issues. Book lovers. Every day I can come across many people who on the subway with a mobile phone, PSP equipment for reading, so it can hurt eyes, reading for a long time may deepen myopia, or some other eye diseases. If changed into electricity paper books of words, can effectively protect the eyes. But on the other hand, and on the subway reading, the biggest harm is not from TFT LCD screen, but the shaking screen. So we suggest that don't read in the subway.

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