Using Multimedia PPT Teaching to Inspire Studentís Strong learning Interest

Published: 06th February 2012
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teaching with ppt
You know, in the traditional teaching process is all decided by the teacher. From the teaching content, teaching strategies, teaching methods, teaching steps even students do the exercises are teachers arranged beforehand, students can only passively involved in this process, which has instilled in the state. And in multimedia computer such interactive learning environment can be according to his middle school students study foundation, study interest to choose his own to the content of study, can choose to suit oneself level of practice, if teaching software make up better, even the teaching mode can also choose to, for example, can use the individualized teaching mode, also can use negotiations on a pattern. Make the computer like learning partners and you to discuss and exchange. Develop educational messages using film, video, and interactive multimedia teaching materials that enhance our understanding of differences and diversity in order to promote better living for all.

Do not have or not have completely. Multimedia technology is based on computers for the center, the speech processing technology, image processing technology, audio-visual technology are integrated in together, and the speech signal, image signal conversion into unity through first modulus of digital signal, and future, the computer can be easily they storage, processing, control, edit, transform, still can query, retrieval. Give full play to the advantages of multimedia teaching, for training students' creative thinking, and has an important role. Because the multimedia has pictures, words, sound even have activities with the characteristics of such images, with many for education, teaching process is especially valuable characteristics and function, these characteristics and function is to other media, such as slide show, projection, movies, sound recording, video recording, TV, etc.)

Abstract: the 21 st century is the era of rapid development of the information technology and gains information, analysis; processing, application ability has become the most basic ability for modern people and accomplishment. Transferring the traditional education ideas, reform the personnel training mode and stimulate the students' independent thinking and innovation consciousness, cultivate the students' innovation ability become China's education primary aim. So, how to change the traditional knowledge model, so that the students to become the main body of the teaching, lets the student in the independent learning and cooperative learning environment, explore independently, actively learn? By many years of practice, now talk about using multimedia courseware PPT auxiliary effective teaching reflection. if you are suffering how to display your elaborate PowerPoint presentation, here we highly recommend turn your PPT to AVI files.

Modern teaching uses a variety of information technology into the classroom teaching in a fundamental change, a new method of teaching mode of education thought. It is the classroom education management standardization; promote innovation education of a kind of means, even for classroom teaching provides more favorable and intuitive teaching conditions. We advocate innovation education, in the choice of teaching methods should be pay more attention to the use of multimedia assisted teaching means, so as to achieve the best of teaching effect. Therefore, reasonable use of multimedia technology can help students to learn biology, now talk about use of multimedia courseware PPT teaching some reflection.

teaching with ppt

It effectively the traditional model changes which are preaching sensory stimulation, make the abstract into a specific image, and effectively as possible for the students to create true circumstance, let the students' cognitive activities become vivid and lively, interesting thick. Multimedia courseware PPT teaching has the image, intuitive, rich in content and dynamic characteristics of present, it can provide students with diversity of external boost, be helpful for students to gain knowledge acquisition and maintain. Therefore, in various disciplines especially biology classroom teaching of new curriculum materials according to the character and actual need, requires teachers to elaborate design, multimedia courseware PPT create certain circumstance, let the students experience scene, and lets the student in situations of probing and found that students learn, cultivate happy.

That is to say, the students in this interactive learning environment are the active participation of the possible, but it's not all arranged by teachers, students can only passive acceptance. According to cognitive learning theory, knowledge of people not outside stimulation to directly, but outside stimulation and people's internal psychological processes interact to produce, must exert students' initiative and enthusiasm, can obtain the effective cognitive, this initiative for the initiative and enthusiasm of the students of created very good conditions play. For some special needs in school, we can convert PowerPoint to video file and play it on any of digital player at any place. Just with PowerPoint to flash software, is a powerful learning and training PowerPoint to flash software to create flash-based interactive content from PowerPoint slide shows with SCORM/AICC compliance for LMS.

Multimedia computer aided teaching is refers to the use of multimedia computer, comprehensive treatment and control symbols, language, words, sound and graphics, image, image and so on the many kinds of media information, multimedia elements of according to the teaching requirements, have the merger through the projector projection display screen or out, at the same time, according to the need of voice and coordination, as well as the user and the computer the human-computer interaction between operation, complete the teaching or training process.

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