Tips and Trick to Save Your Hard Drive

Published: 29th March 2012
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how to recover data from hard drive

Now the hard drive capacity is more and more big, transmission speed is more and more quickly, the price also is cheaper and cheaper, but in the security and reliability but not much to improve, it might tell you suddenly on the hard drive with a bad word one day, the data you save on the hard disk data also "die", let alone by mistake, by formatting errors such as delete operation and virus the damage. Therefore, the data backup and recovery is particularly important.

hard disk partition table and data recovery
For the computer can't detect hard disk situation, first check the following: hard disk drives and hard disk controller cords of attachment is normal; Hard disk drives the power cord is normal; If there are multiple device is the need to check the hard disk or between CDROM etc equipment whether there is conflict between, or the master-slave relations between equipment is not matching; Check the hard drive CMOS information is correct. If can normal movement show fault and hard disk has nothing to do, otherwise, may your hard disk has been destroyed. data recovery mac software which can help you recovers Mac data from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and many other unknown reasons data loss. It would be the best Data Recovery software for Mac users since it can only recover data from your Macintosh hard drive and many other storage media.

how to recover data from hard drive

Note that the strong restore tools do not guarantee one hundred percent recovery of data. Therefore, often the backup data is not only good habits, but the security and the data is necessary. In addition, often use anti-virus software is a very good measure, and often to deal with the latest update the database of the virus. Below will introduce is to use now more popular antivirus software-KV3000 to repair disk data.

1. The virus that causes failure
Virus causes partition table damage is the most typical fault one. Such as the typical CIH virus attack motherboard BIOS variant in addition to outside, and destruction of partition table, and there's a lot of virus guide zone partition table destruction

2. Environmental problems
Today's Windows 2000 / XP support NTFS file format, and program the default are using this file format to install the system, if the hard disk drive on divisional transform or is the division NTFS partitions without electricity or accidentally crashed, so could well lead to damaged partition table. And in through the PQMagic (partition magic) and the third party software disk partition division adjustment capacity, the division of the format conversion when there are also some risk, if to crash or without electricity could also lead to a hard disk partition table fault, may even have lost all of the hard disk data. With the mac data recovery software, you can easily get back the lost data.

In this way you can make the hard drive of general raised, but because the new division and formatting, Above is a hard disk drive in the daily use of some of the common faults and the solving methods and hope to inspire you. If the hard drive is quite serious fault could not be used some of the above method to deal with, it was most likely a mechanical problem. Because the structure of the hard drive is very complex, so don't suggest users to remove, and should turn to professional personnel to maintenance.

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