The affect of PPT technology has on traditional teaching

Published: 16th January 2012
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ppt to video

PowerPoint is a useful teaching tool, providing added value for both the teacher and the students. A carefully prepared and well-designed presentation, appropriately used during the course of a class, helps the teacher stay focused and on track. A presentation that is rich in multimedia gives the teacher the opportunity to spice up presentations in various ways that promote added interest and engagement for students. PowerPoint also can be used to create as well as enable powerful learning environment

Multimedia courseware PPT teaching has the image, intuitive, rich in content and dynamic characteristics of present, it can provide students with diversity of external boost, be helpful for students to gain the knowledge acquisition and maintain. Therefore, according to the class character and actual need, requires teachers to elaborate design, multimedia courseware PPT create certain circumstance, you can use PPT to video software to change PPT to video, it can let the students experience scene, and lets the student in situations of probing and found that students learn, cultivate happy.

Prepare a presentation on the subject of the American movie scene. Make sure you have at least five first level topics. Use the Hidden Slide feature and Action Buttons to ask questions about the subject matter of the presentation. So you would ask a question on one slide (True/False or Multiple Choice, for example), then have Action Buttons on the same slide which would link to the Hidden Slides that have the answer (Correct or Incorrect) to the question. On the Hidden Slides you would then have an Action Button which would link to the next question or the next slide in the presentation.

Multimedia courseware PPT technology is one of the most widely applied in the auxiliary teaching a method. It is able to carry text, images (table), animation, voice and so on many kinds of information collection of media, and through the computer to carry on the comprehensive treatment and monitoring, on the screen integrate the multimedia elements organically, to complete a series of random alternate operation of information technology. It effectively changes the traditional teaching model into sensory stimulation, make the abstract into a specific image, and effectively for the students to create true circumstance as soon as possible, let the students' cognitive activities become vivid and lively.

Using PPT for many times, and has some experience. What kind of template to choose, what kind of background, link what kind of animation, is not an easy thing. Sometimes a title can move the eye, or a link to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, I often have to find a lot of material, using the national peer PPT. Students can understand teacherís anguish, but a lot of teacher which are not familiar with IT technology, but itís hard to get rid of the PPT to fear and worry. An old professor told reporters, every time his groping to spend a week's time to make a PPT, this also calculate, but class all sorts of equipment and conflict with yourself. Waiting for the computer and projector tinkering with good, PPT finally showing came out.

ppt to video

Features to look out for in the demonstration presentation while you click your way through the presentation look out for the following PowerPoint features that have been used in its creation.
Transition effects and text preset animations the transition effects from one slide to another and the text preset animations (which determine how the text will arrive on each slide) have been set at random for the demonstration, to present the presentation we can also consider the PPT to flash program to change PPT to flash animation. If there are many animations in a certain slide, the PPT to DVD Burner would automatically retain the first animation in the certain slide for the output. Then with this way, audience can watch the converted DVD or video file much more comfortably. This is so that you get an idea of the variety of transitions and animations you can use in PowerPoint. Normally you would not want to use so many different transitions and animations since it might distract from the impact you are trying to make. A good designer homes in on a style that he or she likes best for a particular theme and tends to stay with it for all the slides in the show.

But PowerPoint is still more valuable as a tool for learning in the hands of your students. They will soon learn the necessary skills to use the program with flare and they'll creating presentations of their own. As their teacher, youíll guide them in the direction of learning projects of all kinds related to the curriculum K-12. In the context of PowerPoint, students will discover knowledge and construct their own mental database of information that will stand them in good stead in their future lives.

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