How to Protect Hard Disk Data

Published: 18th April 2012
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how to recover data from hard drive

Hard disk drives is a computer system, it is the most main storage equipment, computer users record the most work study data, such as working material, book, paper and the personal image data, etc. These data to many users, especially for business users, it is very valuable, most of the time, the user data loss without a way to make up for back, will the user work and life have great impact. Therefore, to enhance the protection of data users has very important significance.

Hard drive as the most important of the storage medium in computer, shouldering the important use of data storage, believe that many users are understand somewhat fro the hard disk drive maintenance. In the DOS era, hard drives are for the single user, the mission of the data is only a simple storage just, work pressure and load isn't big. Into the Windows after age has undergone significant changes, in computer more and more incline to family entertainment center video today, the popularization of the Internet and broadband video data file of the storage and playback, lead to the working pressure of the hard drive is more and more big, many users a boot then let hard disk full load and even the seams, see the film, DVDRip hd for uninterrupted BT download, use the Windows system restore function. Hard disk working environment should be away from magnetic fields, especially when use, it is strictly prohibited to shake, don't hot swaps, reading and writing often use the sector should change position, the outside of the fdisk except DM, PQMagic, SFdisk etc many software can make some primary partition of disk of arbitrary position beginning, this can avoid some software system frequent reading and writing the same sector. Mac data recovery software which can help you recover Mac data from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and many other unknown reasons data loss. It would be the best Data Recovery software for Mac users

And you may not know, in the new application mode environment, much software application on hard disk damage. Although hard disk cheaper price, broken in pieces would not be a problem, but hard drive prices matter small, hard disk storage in important data is the most important, believe that many users for improper operation and lead to hard disk in data loss or damage is hard disk of important data directly lead to painful lesson from As an important part of the storage equipment, hard disk played a very important role, because most of our data to store through the hard disk, these figures are precious then hard disk itself. But first of all, you must know tomes tips on how to prevent your hard drive and data.

Hard disk in the work can't suddenly turned off

When the hard drive began to work, generally rotating in high speed, if we stopped off suddenly shut off the power and could lead to the head and blanks fierce friction and damage the hard disk. So had better not suddenly shut down, shut down to pay attention on the panel whether the indicator light is still in the hard disk flashing, only when the hard drive to stop flashing lights, hard drive over the reading and writing off the computer power switch. Routine maintenance

how to recover data from hard drive

Regular arrangement information on the hard drive

In the hard disk, frequent to establish, deleting files can produce many fragments, if pieces have gained a lot of words, so our future in a file access, hard disk may need to spend a long time reading the files, not only visit efficiency decreases, and possible damage to the track. Therefore, we should often use Windows9x system of a defragment program under the hard disk drive out, after finishing the best to use hard disk repair program to fix those problems of track.

Hard disk drive regularly for antivirus

Now the virus attack range is more and more widely, and hard disk as a computer information storage base, are usually the first target of computer virus attack. Every year on April 26 to every computer users are jittery, the author of a few hard disk units had cruelly CIH attack. So, in order to ensure the safety of the hard drive, we should pay attention to using the latest anti-virus software on the virus for killing, and at the same time to pay attention to the important data protection and regular backups. The hard disk read/write head in the blanks above the surface to access mobile different parts of the hard drive. Due to the hard drive any place of the data can be accessed directly to, so each of the documents doesn’t have to be a piece of data stored, they can save to any place, there are many data recovery software and mac data recovery tool which can help user to recover the deleted files.

how to recover data from hard drive

Data did not disappear

If you usually use Windows operation to remove a file, in fact this information not be deleted. First of all, if you through the Windows resource manager delete the file, the file will be transferred to "recycle bin". Even if you empty "recycle bin", this file is only just ignored it. The filename first letter will be to special character, the file had been occupied by the cluster will be marked cluster can be used, but the original data and wasn't immediately be deleted. Until the next time you save a document, if these clusters were used, will use the new data cover the old data. Before that, the data has been will remain intact. If using a tool to bypass the operating system to hard disk directly to retrieve the data read. Data is stored in the blanks on the concentric circles, these concentric circles are called "track".

On the market at present the extensive system safety need to have backup mechanism. In view of the popular now use the operating system, such as WINDOWS operating system for document management of stability, request the system to provide safety backup and quick, convenient and safe recovery function. The vigorous development of network technology, increasingly profoundly changed people's life, work, entertainment and communication way, but also to the security and reliability of the network system proposed a serious challenge, especially for the use of PC Internet users, very prone to viruses, hackers attacks such as heavy loss. So the hard disk drive backup demand is imperative.

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