How to Make Full Use of PPT to Improve Teaching

Published: 18th October 2011
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“One of the main contributors to student boredom is the use of PowerPoint. PowerPoint slides are a powerful aid to today’s lecturer, who can use it to easily prepare dozens of slides to accompany a lecture. And that is the problem – lecturers tend to prepare too many slides, pack them with too much information, and whizz through them in a manner that obliges students to spend most of the session attempting to copy copious amounts of text from the screen, while bypassing active processing of the material."

PowerPoint is a useful tool for displaying learning objectives, presenting information to students, giving directions and incorporating multimedia into a lesson. Using PowerPoint in common classroom tasks improves teaching, as well as makes instruction more dynamic and interesting to today's computer-savvy students. Read on to learn how to use PowerPoint to improve teaching.

* Put your opening activity or warm-up on PowerPoint instead of the overhead. As students share their responses, add them to the next slide.

* Create review games using PowerPoint. Jeopardy and other game show formats can be found in template form all over the Internet. Teachers just add their specific content and the game is good to go. Students love team competitions and more visual students can easily see the questions and answers.

* Website links can also be added to presentations. Taking a virtual tour of Egypt or browsing an online biography of an author will be a click away. Post links so they are available to students who want to explore the sites more deeply.

According to the research of Dr. Treicher, an experimental psychologist who made two well-known experiments about obtaining information and maintaining knowledge information obtain and knowledge maintain. People can get more benefit from teaching if they can learn knowledge by watching and listening, then exchange their opinions by discussion. So PowerPoint presentation with pictures and even audio can be used to facilitate the teaching effect, in fact, there are many way to show your presentation with TV, DVD, so you can make your PPT to video so that you can share with your friends.

However, there are some mistaken ideas when some teachers have classes with PowerPoint presentation. Here are four of the most common issues teachers should pay attention to.

1.Use computer screen to replace the white board

Some teachers put all things including lecture sheet, test and even whole teaching plan into their PowerPoint presentation. At first sight your presentation looks like a Wikipedia, but you will find it hard to interact with your students during the class because they have already known what you will say next by browsing PowerPoint presentation.On the other hand, PowerPoint presentation is not a teleprompter for teaching. Teacher should lead their students to exploit their creative skills and learn things in a positive way. By sharing knowledge with computer screen only, you just use the computer screen instead of the blackboard to do the presentation job, and you lose the interactive teaching effect which PowerPoint should achieve.

2. Demonstration effect becomes principal thing
Many teachers like to add lots of visual effects, pictures and animations in their PowerPoint presentations, making their lessons like Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, teachers can pay more attention in multimedia teaching.PowerPoint presentation is just a tool and it can’t replace the role of teacher. Remember that you are using PowerPoint for giving lessons but not giving lessons for presenting your PowerPoint slides. Besides, the overmany pictures, video and audio files can cause your PowerPoint presentation file size extremely huge. So use these visual effects carefully when it is necessary.

Finally, let me tell you that I am a college teacher, so I was evaluating and adopt this teaching assistant from the point of view of a teacher first! As educators, we should try out best to help our students accept knowledge more efficiently! We are struggling !

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I am a college teacher who have been always making a study of educational innovation, educational reform, and explore how to deliver and develop the most practical teaching assistant, and put them in practical teaching, PowerPoint to DVD is the best additional tool, and PDF converter mac are also can help educators and students a lot in the class!

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