Educators Deal with Relationship between the PowerPoint Teaching and Traditional Teaching

Published: 10th February 2012
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ppt teaching

PowerPoint courseware as an auxiliary teaching software, it should be used to reach teaching purpose for the purpose, should avoid the heavy form light content of unhealthy phenomenon. The form is for servicing content, should according to the teaching contents to design PPT courseware. In the application of multimedia courseware, should according to the teaching contents to optimize design, and on the performance forms the cognitive law with students. If the main energy in the form of teaching, and the result is a new class, and actual effect is go light. Only enrich the content and the form of perfect combination, can we truly achieve the instruction knowledge, to mobilize students' enthusiasm, improve the teaching environment purpose.

Courseware design should notice the feedback. Scientific teaching design requires teachers to pay attention to how to teach, more emphasis on the students how to learn. Therefore, the teacher in the courseware design's process, should bring into full play the multimedia feedback accurate, timely characteristic, making courseware has the function of the students study tracking, so that teachers get effective feedback information, and thus more rationally adjust the teaching program.

PowerPoint multimedia is using a computer to text, images, graphics, animation, audio, video and so on many kinds of information of the integrated treatment of the computer application technology, using PPT PowerPoint multimedia work to the education, the more it is beneficial to the development of new modern education. Our education as a basis of education workers on a line, is also in constant exploration to the modern PowerPoint multimedia education role in promoting, and gradually improve the auxiliary PowerPoint multimedia teaching means, for the foundation education of modern development offer an own strength. The junior high school is combined with information technology to talk about my PowerPoint multimedia assisted teaching advantages to the understanding of the use of PowerPoint multimedia teaching, and the problems and countermeasures, but when use the PowerPoint for teaching, when making PPT slideshow, we can also convert PowerPoint to video files and play it automatically.

Using PowerPoint multimedia teaching can increase the capacity of teaching and improve teaching efficiency.

Use PPT, students still have to take notes, should understand that the benefits of lecture notes written, the teacher can also agreed with the students, each chapter PPT to made this chapter to copy homework to them. Be like again, combined PPT and blackboard writing, bring their own advantages; Use PPT the document "from the definition animation" change "click the button jumped out of a whole page" situation, so that the students don't scare, don't lose the confidence of the written down; Use "links" and the header and tip the context. Using PPT, understanding should guide students to make notes, a way will grope out.

The PowerPoint multimedia teaching can quickly put the curriculum resources appeared in front of the student, which can save a lot of time, teaching blackboard writing, and can make the teacher teach more knowledge, to a certain extent, increased the capacity of the class, and can obtain a better teaching effect. For example: teach the history of computers ", "the world's first computer", "four generation computer" and "super computer" three content with PowerPoint slides made both texts, class, the teacher in computers and projector and other PowerPoint multimedia equipment in the slides explain to the content of the projection screen timely, students directly from the screen for more comprehensive, intuitive knowledge, this increases the capacity of classroom teaching, improve teaching efficiency, also aroused the enthusiasm of student's study.

ppt teaching

In the PowerPoint multimedia assisted teaching, accurately grasp the use of PowerPoint multimedia of good opportunity, deal with a lot of media and blackboard, the chalk, ordinary teaching apparatus, language expression and the relationship between the traditional teaching method, want to have the appropriate lectures, blackboard writing, the teachers and students interact and reflection learning process. In the application of PowerPoint multimedia courseware, want to consider how to give full play to the comprehensive the combination of a variety of media function, the flexibility to call figure, words, sound, like with the teaching information, and to strengthen the man-machine interaction between function, stimulate students' thirst for knowledge, the students' attention to the teaching content come up, deepen understanding of knowledge and master, in order to get the best teaching effect.

PowerPoint multimedia teaching is the traditional teaching foundation increased the special tools of the PowerPoint multimedia teaching; it can't give up all of the traditional teaching method. Therefore, the use of PowerPoint multimedia teaching assistant first is to understand this class to use the PowerPoint multimedia purpose; The use of PowerPoint multimedia courseware can let the student teaching content more easy to understand and master; Still need to adopt what traditional teaching method combined. Then, according to the teaching contents and teaching aim, teaching object characteristics of elaborate design the PowerPoint multimedia teaching process. Why need to convert PDF to PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint slides are frequently used in presentations as a reference point for the speaker. While pages in a PDF file may be relevant to use in a PPT presentation, the original source material might not be available. Now you can easily create PowerPoint to flash files with a PDF to PowerPoint Converter software's help.

PowerPoint multimedia applications in the basic education teaching, can make the effect of classroom teaching and the teaching quality be remarkably improved, but also make the main part of college students get a greater degree of the play, but when use PPT PowerPoint multimedia, there are also some undeniable problems. To recognize and timely paid attention to the problems in the teaching practice, and can play PPT PowerPoint multimedia huge advantage, make PowerPoint multimedia work better for teaching services.

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